Yves Saint Laurent Museum Paris

Of the 130 museums in Paris, no less than seven of them relate to the world of fashion. This one was created by the Foundation Pierre Bergé — Yves Saint Laurent and is located in the headquarters of the YSL haute couture house from 1974 to 2002, the year the house closed and was turned into the foundation. It is located at 5, avenue Marceau in the 16th district of Paris, and it offers admirers of the immense talent of one of France’s most creative and emblematic fashion designers an opportunity to visit the premises where YSL designed and produced his creations for 28 years. There you will see a large collection of his iconic creations in clothing and jewelry. Collections of photographs and films further reveal the milieu in which he worked and produced his designs. Pierre Bergé’s partnership with Yves Saint Laurent was an essential part of the latter’s success, financially-speaking. Bergé was the financial talent that gave wings to the designer’s creativity. There was also a romantic relationship between the two men. Naturally, their relationship is well represented among the exhibits.

YSL’s work studio
Another aspect of Saint Laurent’s creativity is high-lighted in the exhibits: his collaboration with skilled craftsmen: embroiderers such as Rebé, Mesrine, Lesage and Lanel, Goossens for jewelry, Lemarié for feathers, and Abraham for printed textiles. Count on a bit over an hour to see everything. There are several floors of stairs to climb, and it is useful to know that you can have recourse to an elevator if you need it. The rooms on lower floors were those used to receive clients for fittings and for YSL’s two haute couture shows per year, before the shows were moved to more spacious venues.   5, avenue Marceau 75116 Paris Tuesday to Sunday 1100 to 1800 Friday close 2100 last entry 45′ before closing   S.A.


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