About Us

I created Paris Luxury Tours, a company that provides private Paris tours and escorted France tours, in 2003, as a natural consequence of years of living in France and experience in showing the City of Light and charming sites in the French countryside to friends from the United States and around the world, as well as friends of friends. Raised and educated in the US, my history studies at Brown University combine with 40 years of experience living here to make the challenge of arranging and performing Paris city tours, guided tours of France and escorted wine tasting tours in France the continuous and natural pleasure that it is.

My experience in France with my wife, Dori, a Berkeley graduate, includes countless sojourns in all its five corners, an authentic affection for its myriad terroir (the ethereal mix of soil, climate and know-how), and a passionate embrace of the world of French wine and cuisine. The wide selection of escorted French wine tours that you find in Paris Luxury Tours, such as our Champagne wine tours, Loire wine tours, escorted Burgundy wine tours, and accompanied Bordeaux wine tours, is a natural evolution of a long affair with French wine, and it puts at your disposal an extraordinary circuit of private contacts with a constellation of personalities who produce many of the world’s finest wines.

Equally versed in the cultures of North America, England and France, we are both uniquely qualified to relate to our English-speaking clients, and to reveal to them in our guided Paris tours and our escorted France tours, what is common and unique in both cultures. In our tour of Mont Saint Michel Abbey, for example, apart from revealing to our customers the history and romance of its creation and evolution, we also evoke the incredibly arduous life of the monks who lived and toiled entire lives in it.

We and our staff perform our tours of France, whether a simple Paris day tour, or an elaborate ten day escorted French wine tour, with a distinct mix of pleasure and sheer enjoyment that communicates infectiously to our clients — as you will see when you visit our testimonials page.

Shahin Akhavi

East Hampton, New York