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Digital French Covid Vaccination Certificates with Scannable QR Codes – Now Available for Tourists, Sept 24, 2021

After several false starts, we are happy to share good news for those of you traveling to France who have been worried about not having a scannable Covid vaccination certificate. You can now easily convert your US-issued printed CDC certificates into a version that contains a scannable QR code in digital format. This means you […]

Select Paris Perches

The skyline of Paris viewed from a height is distinct, with a display of continuity through most of the city, and an unobstructed view of its many unique buildings, which stand out. Seeing its skyline is one of its most agreeable perspectives, so here are a few perches from which you can enjoy the view. […]

The First Restaurants

Prior to the French Revolution, if you lived in Europe and wanted a meal away from home, you sought what was available at a local inn. There you could participate in what was called the table d’hôte, the owner’s table. If he was having chicken, that was what you ate, whether you liked chicken or […]

An institution of its own: the Auberge du Terroir in Servon

Auberge du Terroir, 3 Place Saint Martin, 50170 SERVON. Phone: 0(0 33) 2 33 60 17 92 There are many fine restaurants in France, as everybody knows. It is one of the highlight places for gastronomy worldwide. Some might argue that the best places are the most luxurious ones, and that often is true. But […]

Restaurant Les Fougeres

Tucked away in a quiet street (10, rue Villebois Mareuil) in the 17th district of Paris, just north of the avenue des Ternes, you will be delighted to find a haven of refined cuisine, warm hospitality and tranquility. Chef Stephane Duchiron’s approach to classic French cuisine draws on the marriage of complex flavors and textures, […]

Sa Qua Na restaurant, Honfleur

I had long heard praise of the culinary talent of chef Alexandre Bourdas, owner of the Michelin twin-starred restaurant Sa Qua Na in Honfleur (and what he calls his canteen/inn, the Pascade, in Paris). Several of my attempts to dine at Sa Qua Na fell victim to his success: fully booked. At last I succeeded […]

L’Arôme, Paris

Despite its warm colors, I will not say that I find its modern décor (à la Jacques Garcia) particularly inviting, and I was not happy being relegated downstairs in the basement (the result of our late booking), but I am happy to say that the welcome, service, cuisine and the wine cellar at this 8th […]

The Jules Verne Restaurant in Paris

Many clients ask our opinion of the pricey Jules Verne restaurant in the second level of the Eiffel Tower. Is it worth the money? Isn’t it a tourist trap? Is it really a wonderful experience? Isn’t it over-priced? The answer to all of those questions is: yes. Despite the agonizing, the Jules Verne remains a […]

Outstanding Restaurants in the 16th district of Paris

Residing near the Arc de Triomphe, just inside the 16th district, has much to recommend it, even if it is a bit far from the historic city center that I consider the most attractive part of Paris. One of its greatest rewards is an impressive selection of superb places to dine. That includes a wealth […]

Les Tablettes

It is a bit off the beaten track, in the west side of Paris, between the places Victor Hugo and Dauphine, and a bit pricey, but the cuisine offered by Jean-Louis Nomicos at Les Tablettes, 16 avenue Bugeaud in the 16th district, is sensationally worth the detour. The warm and subtle flavors of his cuisine […]