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The Champs Elysées: a story of the most famous avenue in the world

Almost everybody has heard of the Champs Elysees avenue: its malls, cafés, cinema theaters. It is one of the busiest places in Paris. It is also one of most symbolic streets, and a gathering place on special events. For example, after France won the soccer world cups in 1998 and just recently in 2018, it […]

The catacombs of Paris

The city of Paris is old, and one of its mysterious aspects is its underground, part of which evolved into the catacombs. That term literally means ‘underground cemetery,’ deriving from Greek (cata or beneath) and Latin (tumba, or tomb). In the first three centuries AD, Romans, Etruscans, Jews and Christians used existing underground galleries to […]

Paris and the river Seine, an ever-developing identity

The story of almost every capital city of the world is related to a water stream. The city of Paris is no exception, in fact due to its ancient history, the Seine river and the capital city share a long history of activity, prosperity but also drama: even nowadays, the symbol of Paris is a […]