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France COVID 19 Update

As everywhere else, the program to vaccinate the French population has primarily been a function of the availability of the vaccines. European countries, including France, opted to coordinate and channel their vaccine procurement efforts through a single European agency, and, for reasons we will not explore here, it fell far behind the USA and UK […]

Paris Expressways converted to Pedestrian Malls… revisited?

Some of the issues that have divided Parisians to the point of bitter debate have been the Paris municipality’s decrees ordering the closure of some of its expressways to vehicular traffic and their conversion into pedestrian malls. The two most important were the Left Bank and Right Bank expressways. The Left Bank expressway conversion was […]

Taxis and VTC, a tour of the situation in France

Recently, the public car transport industry in France has evolved, particularly with the appearance of a new means of transportation, named VTC (literally “tourism vehicle with driver”), where we find the controversial name, Uber. This new service has changed the rules of the system regulating public transport by car, which traditionally was the exclusive domain […]