Christian Dior, 70 Years of Creation

From July 5th 2017 to January 7th 2018, at the Museum of Decorative Arts

The Decorative Arts Museum of Paris is celebrating the contributions of Christian Dior (1905-1957) to the world of fashion, through a retrospective of his creations. It is an occasion to explore the world of the founder while reviewing the legacy of his successors, including Yves Saint Laurent and John Galliano….

The overall collection of about 300 dresses of the Dior establishement can be seen in an outstanding environment worthy of one of the world’s top Haute Couture houses. The exhibition is spread over 3000 square meters, and brings to life the moods conceived by Christian Dior, even the art gallery that he had conceived and where he exhibited artworks of geniuses such as Picasso, Salvador Dali or Matisse.

Indeed, Christian Dior was not originally a fashion designer, but a great art historian and a painter. His life, which ended at the young age of 52 in 1957 with a heart attack, gave him only 10 years to bloom in the fashion world. The turning point was the 1947 exhibition “New Look”. From there on, his legend was born. Let us not forget that it was the period after the second world war, a time when optimism replaced despair. Dior’s vision celebrated femininity, shapes and sensuality, a truly original vision, at an opportune time in the western world.

The exhibition therefore focuses on the first part of the artist’s life, before entering his fashion design period with an outstanding collection of dresses and accessoires. The exhibition also displays drawings of house creators and other rare elements, as a description of Dior’s legacy. Overall, the decor of this exhibition is most impressive. A grandiose moment!

Opening hours: 11am-6pm, Thursday 9pm, closed on Mondays

Decorative Arts Museum: 107 Rivoli street 75001, acess by metro Palais Royal musée du Louvre, Tuileries or  Pyramides.


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