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COVID-19 UPDATE FRANCE June 11, 2021

A vast collective sigh of relief is being expressed throughout France as of Wednesday, June 9th, the day on which the French government implemented the third step of its four-stage plan for completely lifting its COVID-19 restrictions that were imposed at the end of March. At that time the daily infections rate exceeded 50,000 new […]


In another sign of progress in France’s efforts to control its third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, the French prime minister Jean Castex last Thursday advanced the date on which anyone aged 18 or more in France will be eligible for vaccination against the virus as of May 31st, two weeks ahead of the originally […]

COVID-19 Update France April 25, 2021

Seeking to boost morale in a lockdown-weary French population, President Emmanuel Macron announced last Tuesday that his government is encouraged by the results of the anti-COVID-19 lockdown that is currently in place. He added that it is preparing a multi-step plan to emerge from it, which he said would be announced shortly. Two days later, […]

Anticipating the Weather for Your Trip in France

Many of our clients ask us, before they arrive in France, what they can expect in the way of weather, so that they can pack accordingly. The short answer is: everything. In the good old days, when the weather here was predictably unpredictable, we used to say that our springs are hopelessly unpredictable (might be […]