Stunning Exhibition at Decorative Arts Museum

Of the more than 120 museums in Paris, one of the most interesting rarely gets the attention it deserves, over-shadowed as it is by its neighbor, the Louvre. The Decorative Arts Museum resides in the Louvre’s north wing, but many Louvre visitors pass right by it, unaware of its existence. That is a pity, as it provides a convincing display of the extraordinary artistry in French arts of living, expressed in furniture, the arts of the table, and various decorative arts in general, starting from the Middle Ages, and running through to the 20th century. Until February 10th, visitors to the Decorative Arts Museum have an extra reason for exploring this wonderful establishment, an exhibition of jewelry produced by Van Cleef & Arpels, one of France’s most fabled jewelry houses. Brilliantly displayed, many of the 500 pieces appear to float, almost within touch, in an ethereal atmosphere that perfectly matches the magic aura of many of the works themselves. Items on display span a century of artistic creativity. Tickets for the museum and the exhibit are sold separately or together. They can also be bought on-line at the FNAC website.


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