Pissarro at Eragny – Nature Regained

Camille Pissarro moved from Pontoise to Eragny in the Oise department, just north of Gisors, in 1884. On the same Epte River that passes through Giverny, Eragny became Pissarro’s home for the rest of his life, nearly two decades, where he produced nearly 400 works. It was where he embraced and developed pointillism in his oeuvre, often called Neo-Impressionism, but it is also where he later returned to his Impressionist roots and revived them with renewed vigor.

Above all, Eragny was Pissarro’s return to nature, where he devoted himself intensely to painting what he felt when he beheld it. His deep spiritual attachment to nature earned him the nickname of the Millet of his time. This exhibit includes some very attractive works, such as the 1895 painting “The Foot Bath.” It includes nearly 100 works consisting of paintings, drawings and engravings. Among them are works that he produced for anarchist publications to which he lent his moral support.

Camille Pissaro, The Foot Bath, oil on canvas, 1895, 92x73cm

This exposition at the Luxembourg Gardens Museum runs until July 9, 2017. It is parallel to the Marmottan Monet Museum exhibition, “Pissarro, the First of the Impressionists.” Both are worthwhile.


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