Intimate Rembrandt

Intimate Rembrandt Exhibition, September 16th 2016 to January 23rd 2017, Jacquemart Andre Museum, 128 bd. Haussmann, 75008 Paris, Open every day, 10am to 6pm, and until 8:30pm on Mondays

Parisians have long been spoiled by the wealth of their options for seeing works of Rembrandt, including some of his most important works. Many are in the Louvre, including an ensemble of compelling self-portraits, and some are in the permanent collection of the Jacquemart Andre Museum on the boulevard Haussmann. Until the 23rd of January, 2017, at the latter museum, there is a special exhibit entitled Rembrandt Intime that expands the choice further.

It includes some of the works from both museums, with a total of 20 paintings and 30 drawings and engravings. It also brings together Rembrandt works from museums around the world: the Ermitage, the Met, Rijkmuseum and National Gallery. The focus is on personalities of his private life, including himself, his wife (Saskia), his son (Titus), and his servant, who became his second wife. Above all, this is an exhibit of Rembrandt’s mastery of textures, and his pictorial scrutiny of the character of his subjects.

This exhibition is also a panorama of the master’s versatile mastery of light and its use to evoke depth and realism in his exploration of what he depicts, including the character of his subjects and himself.



Portrait of Hendrikje Stoffels, c.1654-6, oil on canvas, 101.9 x 83.7 cm Enregistrer


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