Four Expositions in Paris

As a major art center in the western world, one expects to see many compelling exhibitions of art in Paris, but this year’s fall/winter season offers a cornucopia of riches. Four major expositions of some of the world’s greatest artists are running simultaneously at the Grand Palais Galleries and at the Louvre, Jacquemart Andre and Pinacotheque Museums.

At the Grand Palais see an exhibition of late works of Renoir, entitled “Renoir in the Twentieth Century,” including over one hundred paintings, drawings and sculptures. It exhibits works of the master owned by national museums of France, the Los Angeles County Museum and Philadelphia Museum of Art; and it elucidates a little appreciated period of Renoir’s work, especially his decorative works, and it also evokes his impact on the work of subsequent artists, such as Picasso, Maillol, Matisse and Bonnard, examples of which are included in the show. Tickets can be bought on line, and the show runs to Jan. 4th, 2010:

At the Louvre “Titian, Tintoretto, Veronese, Rivalries in Venice” focuses on the interaction and rivalries of the named artists. The title might have included Bassano, as there are a remarkable number of his works included. Altogether there are about one hundred of the most famous works of these artists. Tickets can be purchased in advance either on line or at FNAC: It runs to January 10th

At the Pinacotheque “The Dutch Golden Age, from Rembrandt to Vermeer” presents 130 works from the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, on loan, until Feb. 7, 2010. Divided into eight thematic sections, it includes over 60 paintings, 30 drawings and watercolors and 20 objects and etchings from the 17th century. The exhibition includes works by Ruysdael, Hals and De Hooch, among other masters, but the focus is on Rembrandt’s dominant role in his era. Tickets can be bought on line, , but if you buy your ticket at the museum there is a reduced rate that includes the “Bruegel, Memling, Van Eyck…” exposition at the Jacquemart Andre Museum.

The latter exhibition includes works from the Brukenthal National Museum. Divided into five categories of painting, it includes landscapes of Bruegel and his dynasty, portraits of Jan van Eyck and Memling, scenes of daily life by Teniers and Mieris, a superb collection of still life painting of different artists, and a section entitled from ‘Titian to Jordaens, the painting of history.’ The exhibition includes over one hundred paintings and runs until Jan. 11, 2010. Tickets can be bought on line:


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