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Choosing a great place to eat in Paris and France

Almost every visitor arrives in France intent on tasting the renowned cuisine about which he or she has heard so much. Who has not heard endless paeans of praise for its fabulous quality and allure? To be sure, it is one of the world’s culinary blessings, and a well-deserved source of French pride and joy. […]

Why do Parisian eating establishments lose luster so quickly?

In the affordable range of the market, eating establishments that reliably maintain their standards, over the years, are rare in France, especially in its large cities. This is partly explained by French labor legislation, which imposes heavy charges on employers, which weigh more heavily with the passage of time. Another part accrues to voracious tax […]

The Jules Verne Restaurant in Paris

Many clients ask our opinion of the pricey Jules Verne restaurant in the second level of the Eiffel Tower. Is it worth the money? Isn’t it a tourist trap? Is it really a wonderful experience? Isn’t it over-priced? The answer to all of those questions is: yes. Despite the agonizing, the Jules Verne remains a […]

Outstanding Restaurants in the 16th district of Paris

Residing near the Arc de Triomphe, just inside the 16th district, has much to recommend it, even if it is a bit far from the historic city center that I consider the most attractive part of Paris. One of its greatest rewards is an impressive selection of superb places to dine. That includes a wealth […]

Les Tablettes

It is a bit off the beaten track, in the west side of Paris, between the places Victor Hugo and Dauphine, and a bit pricey, but the cuisine offered by Jean-Louis Nomicos at Les Tablettes, 16 avenue Bugeaud in the 16th district, is sensationally worth the detour. The warm and subtle flavors of his cuisine […]